Basics of Portrait Photography

Do you click pictures of your friends and family without a thought of how it may turn out? In today’s world, almost anyone can point a camera and take a picture. Portrait photography is a step up from people photography. There are few things to learn when it comes to this kind of photography that will help you understand the basics of what makes an excellent portrait. It offers you elements to notice such as the angle you take a photograph, the lighting you will use, and the expression of emotion on a subject’s face.

A portrait is taken to specify the likeness of a person or an individual, and even more so, it is a picture of someone’s face. To begin with, when shooting a photograph of a person, you need to study their face. The face is essential to the angle you will shoot from. Portrait photography is all about capturing the essence and character of the subject. The minute nuances of a face add character to the portrait. You’ll also want to loosen up your subject. If you are becoming a professional portrait photographer, you’ll need to learn more about your subject as you are taking pictures or better meet them before the scheduled photoshoot.

Portrait photography is understood to be of good quality when not only does it capture person’s physical appearance, but also reveal person’s personality and attitude or any other traits or characteristics that is natural to the person.

Lighting is the next crucial step to portrait photography. If you want to improve your photography technique, one thing you can do is learn to use natural light better. However, natural light will often require setting the aperture to compensate for the camera’s lack of definition. In other words, you need to create the contrast with the shadows and light for the effect you desire. Often artificial lighting is unpleasant or harsh and not appropriately directed. Again, you’ll have to use the manual settings on your camera to create the ideal portrait.

The background is also essential when discussing light. In a studio or at home, a photographer will select a background that won’t wash your features out or your clothing. You’ll want to have a distinction or contrast between the subject and the background. Locating a nice spot with a tree to sit on or hills in the background can make a fantastic portrait, but you’ll need to be certain that the background isn’t too busy to distract from the subject.

Once you combine techniques such as angles, lighting, and understanding of your subject, you’ll be able to create a near to professional if not the professional portrait of your friends and family whatever the occasion. Just snapping a picture is possible, but following these few photography techniques you will learn to take much better portrait photographs.

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